It will be 2 years in March since I first began my career as a professional companion/service provider/adult entertainer/sex worker, (whatever title you would like to give it). It had been an incredibly tumultuous time in my personal life. No it wasn’t anything like “daddy issues” or any other typical stereotypes that get attached to this line of work. I was working a normal 9 to 5 office job, getting paid barely enough to get by and consistently butting heads with a boss who treated me horribly. While pushing papers and pretending to actually work [checking Twitter and client emails], I knew that I was just another cog in the wheel. I didn’t matter and I was replaceable. The stresses and strains of trying to make ends meet working a “normal job” while also having a personal relationship with a partner (who was not sophisticated enough to handle a lady in this industry), took a serious toll on me. Coming to terms with the job and having this particular person in my life made it incredibly difficult to function daily and I was constantly made to feel guilty about my very well-thought-out choice to enter into this industry.

Professionally, however, my life drastically contradicted what was going on in my personal life. Clients were treating me very well, beyond what I ever could imagine or have ever experienced. In fact, how well I was being treated by clients began to really reflect how poorly I was being treated before and during the beginning of my time in the escort industry. Gradually, I started to realize how important I was, how special I was and how happy I made some of my clients feel, and their gratitude for my company, friendship and intimacy really got me through the toughest of times. To this day, I am blown away by their graciousness, whether it be taking me out for a wonderful meal, showering me in lavish gifts, dressing me in sexy lingerie or even writing me a sweet email to say how great of a time they had; it all means a lot and really helped me push through the discrimination that both my partner and society challenged me with on a day to day basis.

In a society that both loves and hates the sex industry, it can become a roller coaster to feel confident in doing what we believe in and to do this work without the tender loving care from our clients. Even better is if we can find a partner in our personal lives that can deal with it. But that is a whole other blog I will have to address at some point. Many outsiders to this world, (and maybe even those on the inside), may think that this industry is ONLY to do with sex. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very important part of it, but there really is so much more involved. Clients will not be named in this blog of course, but some of the incredible things I have experienced have seriously made my dreams come true, not just by the amazing intimate moments I have had with them in the bed room, hotel room, and various other rooms. The surprising moments have been none stop. Everything from Agent Provocateur lingerie, to concert tickets to see some of the legends like Madonna and members of the Beatles, to surprise visits in swanky upscale condos with all my favourite sexy lady friends in the industry! And believe it or not… I was even lucky to meet my hero Buck Angel who was requested by a client to hang with me for a whole weekend! It’s all unbelievable, but definitely not expected. I am also grateful for a simple kind word after we have our moment together, and if you make me laugh, even better!

Through many of my client’s generous actions, I can never be more grateful. Their kindness had gotten me through those times when I wanted to give up or had no confidence about the work I was doing. My battle to stick in the industry I can seriously give thanks to the clients and friends I have made and I hope that other sex workers feel the same. The generosity of our clients helps us stay focused in what we do best,,,,,,,FUCK LIKE A PORN STAR!!! Hahaha.. okay sorry I had to end that paragraph with something funny because this blog was ending up to be way too sappy for comfort, my vagina was seriously starting to get bigger. But you get my point.

Smooches! Love you all!

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