2015 marked the end of a lot of many chapters in my life and the beginning of many new adventures. I had some of the greatest encounters with ladies and clients and was able to go on a number of interesting tours both across the country and the U.S. Taking the Love Jones parties to Calgary and Vancouver was fantastic! Both parties were definitely stamped into my memory as being some of the sexiest times of the year. I also had a quick tour of Halifax which was not as successful as hoped, but I enjoyed the endless amount of seafood nonetheless and east-coasters are always so nice. I enjoyed myself in all of these wonderful places and hope to definitely return to at least some of them in the New Year, while also touring much more internationally. New York, London, LA, and Tokyo are all on my ‘to do’ list in 2016!

This past year was also a drastic shift in my personal and business relationships. I was very fortunate to meet so many lovely escort ladies in this industry and I realized just how many great ladies Toronto has! It is also not just the ladies who have been so awesome, but the community with the clients has had quite an effect on the success of many ladies. I was lucky enough to be introduced to such amazing ladies through clients, which I could never be more thankful. In such a dog-eat-dog-world, it is truly the community we have made though such sites as Twitter, CAERF, Lyla, and After6ix which I can owe my successes in this business this past year. Thank you guys for creating the space for us all to connect. Thank you CAERF for throwing a great Christmas party this year!

So bring on 2016! As my final year in the industry, I have been compiling my ‘to do’ list for the year and it is quite extensive! I hope to see many more of you sexy ladies and gents in 2016!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes To All My Lovers Out There!

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