Working in such a competitive market like the sex industry, it is difficult to stay clear of some of the drama, bitchiness and gossip that comes with the territory. Gossip is only natural no matter where you work and I do not believe that gossip is necessarily a bad thing. However, it can often be used as a weapon to tear others down out of feelings of jealousy and competition. I try my hardest to not be competitive of others in this industry, because I firmly believe that everyone has something special to offer and that sometimes one client may be better suited with a particular personality than another. Sometimes a client may be looking for a particular personality that they feel would be more attractive and suitable for them. There is something out there for everyone. I have met some incredible women in this industry who are far more talented at dealing with particular clients than others, which is why it is truly a waste of one’s own time to be fussing about being better than this girl or that girl. The last thing sex workers need is to be fighting against one another. After-all, we are battling the same discrimination and judgment from the world around us and have to struggle enough living our regular lives hiding in the shadows from family, friends and maybe employers.

In looking back to when I worked in an office, the gossip seemed extremely petty especially when comparing to what sex workers have to deal with on a daily basis. However, I would say that women in offices were actually so incredibly brutal to each other that I witnessed a number of women in tears regularly, taking sick leave due to mental health issues and long meetings with HR trying to either voice a complaint or defend themselves from accusations. The bullying and passive aggressiveness working in an office actually makes being a sex worker not seem so bad since we don’t really have to see each other on a daily basis. And let’s face it, we have bigger things to worry about than fighting over someone eating all the leftovers in the lunch room or taking all the business envelopes. I’d like to say we fight over cocks and titties, but I am sure most women really don’t mind sharing.. Hell, most ladies I know love it!

As a collective, women in this industry really need to come together in support of one another for our safety and stability in our every day lives. It is problematic that there is not only a distinct barrier created between women in the general population and sex workers, but also a hierarchy or barrier created between all sex workers themselves. Women who are strippers will judge those who escort or do porn. Women in porn will judge those who escort. Women who escort will judge those who do anything they do not see as the norm. And women in the general population will just judge anyone in the sex industry period. Although I would like to think that this is changing. Men equally judge, even if they have sought out such services.

As hippie-dippie as this all sounds, I think this world could be a much better place if women just knew how to get along with each other, whether that is in this industry or not. Too often media interpretations of women pin each other against one another and it truly is not an attractive quality in anyone. Not to brag or anything, but I feel pretty privileged to be associated with such sexy ladies both professionally and personally. Seeing the reaction to my sexy friends makes me so proud! Not only are they beautiful ladies, but they are coupled with such cool personalities which adds even more to their gorgeousness. Lucky me!

In an industry that is highly competitive on such a personal and physical level, it is super difficult to not get caught up in the cycle of hate and jealousy. I have met some amazing ladies in this industry who are extremely talented at what they do and I admire all of them for their talents, brains and beauty. Every one of them has something very unique to offer, which is why I think this industry is super fascinating and will always promote those who I think deserve to be known. I am usually not wrong about my selection of amazing Toronto Escort providers. All I can do is accept who I am as a provider and learn from those who exude qualities and skills I find incredibly attractive. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Dedicated to all the lovely providers out there! Check out some of my colleagues on my website or please contact me if you are curious about some of my friends from twitter!

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